Serving Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts
All inspections are in accordance with the standards of practice
set by the National Association of Home Inspectors, Inc.

Inspection Services

Identify the type of structure and material comprised of, and the existing conditions.

Identify the type of material in the siding and their condition.  Observe the windows doors, decks, steps, railing & general property grade.

Identify roofing material, gutters, vents, flashing, soffits, skylights and the conditions existing.

Identify service masthead to panel, main & subpanels including feeds, branch circuits, connection devices, lighting fixtures and the conditions existing.

Identify waste pipes, water supply lines, vent pipes, faucets, fixtures, domestic hot water systems and their fuel source.  Testing of waste water flow, water supply flow and tubs, sinks & showers for drainage.

Central Heating:
Identify heating equipment, type of fuel & heating distribution systems.  Also including operation of the unit & the inspection of the flue pipes, controls, insulation, dampers and the safe operation of these components.  Inspect supplementary heats if exist.

Central Air:
Identify the type of central air system and the operation of this unit.  Inspect controls, piping power source, cooling outlets if conditions permit.

Inspect walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, stairways, cabinets, fireplaces and railings.  Observe the operation and or condition of these items.

Identify the roof, walls, floor framing and the structural support of their areas.  Attic & wall insulation if present & the amount of.  Inspect sills for damage and house in general for adequate ventilation.

The garage is inspected as previously described with the exception that the garage door openers are checked & proper fire proofing is inspected if the garage is attached.



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